Disclaimer & Rules

Whitetail Ridge Golf Dome will be under 24-hour surveilence. When booking a bay, we ask you follow all posted instructions inside the dome and below here on the website. Failure to do so may hold you liable for any damages or injuries caused in your bay or any surrounding bays. 


Bay Rules: Only one person may swing at a time, and you may only hit 1 ball per shot(no pulling 3 balls and swinging rapid fire). If you aren't swinging, we ask you stay behind the monitor, and within the confines of your reserved bay.  There may be a lot of people in both your own and the surrounding bays, so this is for everyone's saftey. There are also many monitors, wires, tvs, saftey netting, etc. that are expensive, so we want to ensure everyone is vigilant about their surroundings.

2nd-Level Bays: All the above rules apply. Also, there is a yellow line running across all of the top level bays before the saftey netting. You may not step over that line for any reason. If something valuable falls into the saftey nets, you must ask a staff member to help you retrieve it. Any time the saftey netting is used, it must be replaced in its entirety to keep up with code, and customers will be liable if they cause a replacement of the netting.


If you have any questions about any rules, feel free to ask the check-in desk before heading to your bay.

7671 Clubhouse Drive, Yorkville, IL 60560