Dome FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need my own golf clubs?

A: You are more than welcome to bring your own clubs. We will have a men's and women's rental set at each bay, as well as junior clubs per request. So, if you do not want to bring your clubs we have some to use at no extra cost!


Q: How much does it cost to book at bay?

A: Feel free to view our "Rates and Hours" page just above this FAQ page. Rates are per hour, and the rate is the same no matter how many golfers. So if you have four golfers and purchase 2 hours of bay time, that price for 2 hours will be split amongst the 4 players.


Q: Am I able to play a full 18 hole round on a bay?

A: Yes, when reserving a bay you have the choice to do or play whatever you'd like. You can hit on the driving range to sharpen your game, pull up some on-course practice scenarios, or pull up one of the 1000s of courses on Trackman for a 9 or 18 hole round. When playing a course, you can play as many different tee boxes as needed (senior, child, adult, and a lady can each play a different tee but the same course). We also offer some fun games for kids that blend golf and video games together to keep everyone entertained!



Q: How long will an 18 hole round take?

A: For a group of 4 golfers, an 18 hole round can be completed in 3 hours or less. If you anticipate a more casual round(food, drinks, good conversation throughout play) then 4 hours may be ideal for the group. A solo player can complete a full 18 hole round in an hour. Playing a course at a bay negates the walking, finding lost balls, and generally speeds a round up compared to a normal outdoor round.


Q: Do you offer any senior, veteran, youth, etc discounts?

A: We do not offer special discounts. Bay prices are split amongst however many people are playing(3 hours of bay time price can be divided by 4 golfers). We do offer different rates at different times to make it so that everyone has a chance to book at their preferred time and price.


Q:How many people are allowed per bay?

A: Due to space and time limitations, we can only have a maximum of 6 golfers per bay. Please keep in mind if having more than 4 players, it may take longer than normal, so please book time accordingly.


Q: Do you offer menu and drink service at your bays?

A: Yes, we do offer an ordering system that can bring food and drinks to each golf bay. When golfing you have a that option, or you can stop in our full bar/restaurant before or after your round for a sit-down meal.


Q: Do you offer memberships for the dome?

A: Currently, we are not offering any memberships for our golf dome. As the winter moves forward, we may offer dome memberships at the start of 2024.


Q: Can you host parties or private events at the golf bays?

A: Yes, we do offer parties and private events here at our dome! We can hold anywhere from 8 people, to up to 120+ people with many golf and food and beverage options. If interested in an event, feel free to reach out to Gerry, Director of Guest Services, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please include the date, time, number of possible attendees, and any questions you may have for us!



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