2024 Whitetail Scramble


2024 Whitetail Scramble 00019
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2024 Whitetail Scramble

8am Shotgun Start

-4 Person Modified Scramble

-2 Teams will play side-by-side on each hole (randomly paired)

-All 4 players will tee off. (Men from Blues, Seniors 60+ from Gold, and Ladies from Silver.) You will select the best 2 balls and split into 2 Twosomes to finish the hole from there. You will combine both scores for your total score on each hole.

Example: Joe, Bob and Larry tee off from the Blues, Sarah tees off from the silver. Bob and Sarah hit the best 2 tee shots. The team decides to split into groups of (Bob and Sarah) and (Joe and Larry). Bob and Sarah scramble in from Sarah's tee shot and finish with a birdie 3, and Joe and Larry scramble in from Bob's tee shot and finish with a par 4. The scores combine for a score of 7 on hole number 1. Two Person teams can change after every hole, and players do not need to play their own tee shot as this creates strategic thinking when selecting your groups.

$100/Team Optional Skins

Entry Fee: $500/Team

Entry Fee Includes:

Golf, Cart, Range, Tee Gift, Contest Holes and Event Prizes

Flighted Scoring: Whitetail Ridge club events use a flighted scoring system. Once all scorecards are in, the teams get divided into 3 different "flights" depending on how the leaderboard ends up. The top 1/3 of all scores are placed into flight 1. The middle 1/3 of scores are flight 2, and the bottom 1/3 of scores are flight 3. Then, in each of the 3 flights 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are paid out. So, 1st place in flights 1, 2 and 3 will each score differently, but win the same 1st place prize for their respective flight. Any tiebreakers will be decided by a backwards scorecard playoff(start at hole 18 and go back to see who got a lower score first).

7671 Clubhouse Drive, Yorkville, IL 60560