Date Night/Day Junior Camps


Date Night/Day Junior Camps 00006
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Learn the game that will last a lifetime!




-Full Swing

-Golf related exercises


We will teach the kids how to golf while you enjoy a date with your significant other in

The Persimmon Room

(Price includes 1 appetizer, 2entrees and soft drinks)

Date Night Camps-

6/25 (SOLD OUT), 7/23, 8/20


Date Day Camps-

6/26, 7/24, 8/21


$150 (Prize per family, siblings in age range are welcome)

7/23 from 6pm-8pm
8/20 from 6pm-8pm
6/26 from 12pm-2pm
7/24 from 12pm-2pm
8/21 from 12pm-2pm
Name & Siblings
7671 Clubhouse Drive, Yorkville, IL 60560